Mini Course: A Passion for Progress

Becoming a 100% Student-Centered Teacher

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It's nearly impossible to teach the same to today's Generation Z than with past generations. It seems like they just aren't interested.

Think about it. They were all born post 9/11. The internet has never been a novelty to them and smartphones were never the "new" thing. Their brains are legitimately wired differently than those who had to wait in their lives for those luxuries. They believe in instant gratification and if it's not of interest to them, then can quickly move on to the next thing that is.

If you spend more time than you care to admit wanting to pull your hair out with these kids, you're not alone.

Being trained to teach and actually doing it are two very different things. Throw in a generation that is learning differently than any other generation before them and jobs that once filled educators with passion and determination are sending them home exhausted and downtrodden at night.

It DOESN'T have to be that way. That's why we're here to help.

Imagine this:

Picture your class starting each day and:

  • Your students immediately getting to work with minimal direction
  • Having meaningful conversations with each one of them throughout the class
  • Watching them stay on task and getting lost in the content (was that the bell?!)
  • Having your class naturally differentiate itself for each student
  • Being able to grade without redundancy and actually enjoying it

It would be incredible, right? You'd be doing the job you signed up for without getting bogged down with discipline issues, endless grading, and constant stress and frustration.

You would enjoy teaching again and would visibly see yourself making a difference in your students lives through interactions that were meaningful for BOTH sides.

The issue with student-centered learning is that it seems good in theory, but nothing out there explains how to actually do it properly....and it's a tough pill to swallow when you go out on a limb, try something out, and it fails.

What if you found a program that takes you step-by-step through the transition and makes it seamlessly? What if the creator of this program spent five years perfecting it in the classroom (not just based off some theories concocted in an office somewhere)? It would seem to good to be true, right?

Nope. Fate has brought you here because this is exactly what this system does. Once you go through this course, you can start using the same lesson-planning concept for each lesson in every class…multiple grades and multiple levels…and guess what…it will work! Over and over again, it will work! The classroom will be fun again...for everyone!

In our complementary mini-course, you will be able to complete Module 1 of our 6-module "A Passion for Progress: Becoming a 100% Student-Centered Educator" full-course.

Your Instructor

Jenn Breisacher
Jenn Breisacher

After 11 years in the classroom, Jenn found herself moving from a teacher-centered model to an entirely learner-centered model. This process took an exorbitant amount of trial and error because there isn't much information out there about how to successfully "do" student-centered learning effectively. Thus, in 2018, Student-Centered World was born.

"Our district was struggling with too many teacher-led lessons. Many instructors wanted to change the dynamics in their classroom but weren't sure how. Through her well-planned and executed workshops, Jenn helped many of our teachers become proficient in student-centered strategies. Her workshops are engaging and always fill-up first!"

- Danielle Hartman, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Burlington County Institute of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive PD credit for this course?
Every school has different rules, but we do provide a certificate of completion that you can submit for potential PD credit.

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